One pleads not guilty, while second man is fined $8,000 after admitting to possession of cannabis

A Villa resident has been fined $8,000 on drug-possession charges
and has been given two months to pay.
Rene Horsford of Villa and Otis George of Fort Road were jointly
charged with several drug-related offences by the Police and were
subsequently taken before the St. John’s Magistrates Court.
The charges included possession of 262.3 grammes of cannabis;
possession with intent to transfer the illegal drug; and being
concerned with the supplying of cannabis.
Horsford pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and not guilty on
the other charges before Magistrate Dane Hamilton, Jr.
The charges against George were withdrawn by the prosecutor after
he pleaded not guilty to all three offences.

Hamilton Jr. advised the defendant that the fine has to be paid on or
before December 5, 2023, or in default he will spend 14 days at His
Majesty’s Prison.