Quinn-Williams says this year’s IWD theme calls for inclusion of all people, not only women

This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) is a call not only for
the inclusion of women but of all people; so says Pearl Quinn-
Williams, the United Progressive Party caretaker for St. John’s Rural
Today, March 8, Antigua and Barbuda joins the rest of the world in
celebrating women and the significant contributions they have
made to society and their professions.
This year’s theme, “Inspiring Inclusion,” is significant and timely,
Quinn-Williams says.
According to her, the theme demonstrates that there is no room for
“discrimination, prejudice, intolerance, denigration [or] hate; for
negativity, for misogyny, for insularity [and] for partisanship.”

To her, Quinn-Williams says the theme also means that this
country’s authorities must make room for bi-partisanship,
approbation, positivity, tolerance, fairness, open mindedness and
She adds that inclusion does not apply only to women, but to all
There should not be any discrimination based on gender, the Rural
North caretaker says, since the right persons should get the right
jobs. This will ensure more efficient, ethical governance, she notes,
and the people and the country will benefit as a result. 
Quinn-Williams concludes by saying, “We should always be
encouraging a peaceful existence among humanity, where we live
and let live.”
She calls on everyone to play their part to inspire inclusion.