Pringle wins race convincingly and emerges political leader of the United Progressive Party

After the votes were tallied, MP Jamale Pringle emerged the winner in the
United Progressive Party’s leadership race, on Sunday, April 21 – the date and
event that Convention delegates, members, and supporters had spent 90 days
waiting for.

Clocking 237 votes, Pringle reclaimed the position he had inherited when
Harold Lovell relinquished it in January 2023.

Rural West MP Richard Lewis amassed 173 votes in a showing that was
markedly better than Convention 2019, when he challenged Lovell for
leadership and got 63 votes against the incumbent’s 245.

Returned as chairman of the Party was D.Gisele Isaac, who has held that
position since 2015. With 242 votes, she defeated All Saints West MP Anthony
Smith, who claimed 169 in the first contest of the day.
Also returned – to the position of deputy chair – was Jason Mannix, whose
challengers withdrew before the vote.

Three other major positions on the Central Executive Committee were not
opposed. Accordingly, by declaration, Senator Shawn Nicholas was returned
as general secretary and Damani Tabor as public relations officer – with
education added to his portfolio – while Leon George assumed the post of

Among the first-time contenders, Kem Warner easily won the position of
assistant treasurer; Jewel Brodie assistant general-secretary; and Jennifer
Maynard education officer.

Former mobilization officer George Wehner made short work of reclaiming his
high-profile position, while newcomer Ashworth Azille grabbed the post of
labour relations officer.

Completing the Executive Committee lineup were Rolston “Butchie” Paige,
returning as field officer; Chris Jarvis as elections officer; and Ckhuerckh
Vhann-Kellte as events officer.

The final count of the night, coming in shortly before 11 p.m., went in favour of
Gladys Potter, who took the position of welfare officer.

Ten members at large were elected from a field of more than 50 persons,
among them Lovell, who topped that vote, Dr. Edmond Mansoor, J.Valerie
Hodge, Leon Chaku Symister, Rudolph Davis, Desmond Charles, Etienne
Charles, Dr. George Daniel, and Charlesworth Tabor.

Law student Johnathan Wehner was the youngest member to be elected.
The poll was supervised by the Free & Fair Elections League, with Davis as
returning officer.

To close the Convention, Pringle gave his maiden address as elected leader,
thanking Lovell, in particular, for the faith he had placed in him earlier, and
made a commitment to bring the Party closer together and work to realize its
motto, “People First.”

He also commended the United Progressive Party for its commitment to, and
practice of, democracy, as demonstrated by the Convention.