Senior prison official implicated in inmate’s alleged pregnancy and abortion, but remains on the job

Recent media reports have alleged that a prison officer impregnated a female
inmate and then forced her to have an abortion. But the implication runs
much deeper, as sources claim that these acts were committed by a high-
ranking official at His Majesty’s Prison.

Sources have confirmed to REAL News that the implicated officer recently
held a very important position at the penal institution – and, despite this
incident, remains on active duty.

Allegations are that other senior officers, as well as government officials, are
aware of the situation; but no action has been taken against the man, who
reportedly is well protected by a particular minister.
Meanwhile, the female inmate is said to be claiming she was coerced and
exploited in the harrowing incident.

It is alleged that food was used as leverage for the sexual abuse, with the
prisoner promised KFC, Chinese food, and breakfast from an upscale eatery
for her favours.

However, as this arrangement went on, the woman discovered she was
pregnant, and then reportedly faced a series of distressing events at the hands
of the prison official.

Allegedly, to hide the inappropriate sexual relationship and resulting
pregnancy, the prisoner was forced to have an abortion – with media reports
claiming that she felt she had no choice.

It has not been disclosed by what means this illegal abortion was carried out,
whether by a medical doctor or a self-induced procedure.