Ministry of Works advises motorists of road diversion at Stadium Roundabout and on Valley Road North from Monday

There will be a two-day closure of the eastern side of the North Sound Roundabout, starting Monday, October 4, to enable CO Williams Construction Ltd. to carry out work on that part of the roadway.

Therefore, from 7 a.m., all vehicular traffic traversing Sir Sydney Walling Highway and approaching the roundabout from west – that is the Sugar Factory Side – will be diverted to the left of the roundabout and will rejoin the roadway via the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.

Traffic approaching the roundabout from the east should proceed around the roundabout as usual, according to Ministry of Works officials.  However, heavy and emergency vehicles will be diverted through the Stadium Road on the shoulder of the closed section.

Therefore, the Ministry is cautioning “all motorists and road users to proceed with extreme caution when traversing the construction site.”

Work on the roundabout is expected to be completed by Wednesday, October 6.

Meanwhile, the construction company will begin work on Valley Road North between the Whenner Road junction and the entrance of Ffryes Beach.

The initial works, according to officials, will involve the installation of APUA telecommunications ducts and water-main crossings.

These crossings will be undertaken at night, and this will result in the closure of sections of Valley Road North during curfew hours, a release from the Ministry of Works says.

That work is also expected to begin next Monday and will continue for a period of two to three weeks.

Meanwhile, “whenever diversions are not possible, the contractor will make provisions for the single-lane passage of light vehicular traffic and emergency vehicles,” the Ministry advises.