Port Warehouse workers stage go-slow over delayed and decreased bonus, while Manager claims financial challenges

Workers at the Antigua Port Authority warehouse staged a go-slow today, December 15, over the non-payment of a promised bonus, which Port Manager Darwin Telemaque reportedly has reassured will be coming shortly.

Reports say the workers were expecting to receive their bonuses on Wednesday, but they did not materialize today.

According to further reports, the percentage that the workers were promised was reduced at the last minute – forcing discussions between their bargaining agent, the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union (ABWU), and the Port’s management.

In the spirit of the discussions, Telemaque says he could not elaborate on the dispute.  However, he claims that the non-payment of the bonus was inadvertent, and that he was hoping to reach an amicable solution before the end of the work day.

The Port boss says he was disappointed with the action of the workers.  He feels that the go-slow undertaken showed bad faith, given that discussions are currently underway with their union.

Meanwhile, the Port Manager says he has had discussions with the staff to explain the agency’s position.

He reportedly debunked the workers’ notion that the Port is doing well.  Rather, he claims, it is facing significant financial challenges.