Pringle asks AG Benjamin what he is doing to ensure that our streets, home and future are safe amidst current spike in crime

The Leader of the Opposition is calling on the Gaston Browne
Administration yet again, asking that it put proper mechanisms in
place to tackle crime.

Criminal offences have surged in recent months, with shootings and
a stabbing claiming three lives in nine days, so far, this August.
Accordingly, Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle says the crime rate is
cause for concern, and the people must hold the Administration
accountable for what is now taking place.
A dissatisfied Pringle notes that the Government has not laid out an
acceptable plan to curb the spike in crime, and he is asking what
Attorney-General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin is doing to ensure that
our streets, homes and future are safe.
Some residents are suggesting that the Browne Administration
needs to consult with a wide cross-section of the community,
including opposition parties, civil society representatives, and the
churches to get some ideas on what can be done to address the
crime situation.