UPP welcomes new members and interest in slate, but Potter is still caretaker in Rural South, it says

Since its strong showing in the January 2023 General Election,
interest in the United Progressive Party (UPP) has surged, with
scores of new membership approvals in the last year, Party
officials report.

Several persons also have expressed their interest in representing
the Party in the next polls, they say, and this is currently
manifesting in the St. John’s Rural South, where two new
contenders are now campaigning.

However, Party officials confirm that Gladys Potter, who ran on
the UPP ticket in 2023, remains its recognized caretaker and flag-
bearer in that constituency.

Potter, who garnered 1,074 votes on her first outing, has
remained active in both the constituency and the Party as an
advocate for change.

UPP officials say the Party welcomes the interest of credible and
capable persons. However, the selection process for its next slate
of candidates has not begun.

Hence – notwithstanding any campaigning now taking place – no
primary, no poll, and no interviews in any constituency are being
considered by the Party at present, they conclude.