Ship bringing supply of LPG to WIOC lands on Sunday, after rough sea conditions delayed its arrival by one day

The promised landing of Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)  has been fulfilled by the West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) Ltd., which means that the Christmas demand for cooking gas will be met.

WIOC says the vessel bringing the LPG docked in Antigua on Sunday, December 18, since its arrival was delayed by rough sea conditions. Initially, the company had announced that the ship would arrive here on Saturday, December 17.

This means that the fresh supplies of cooking gas should hit the market shortly.

WIOC says the demands of hotels and households, who are breathing a sigh of relief, have been met, until the seas are sufficiently calm, allowing the re-filler vessels to dock.

For almost three weeks, rough seas and groundswells have prevented LNG and LPG re-filler vessels from re-supplying the WIOC storage tanks.

The supply of all other petroleum products was not affected.