Immigration and airport officials implored to be vigilant as Air Peace inaugural flight lands today 

Damani Tabor, public relations officer for the United Progressive
Party (UPP), is calling on Immigration and airport officials to be
vigilant, as the Air Peace flight from Nigeria is expected to arrive on
island today, Friday, August 4.

Initially, it was announced that the flight from West Africa would
arrive on Saturday, August 5, bringing about 50 wealthy investors
and a group of cultural performers who would take part in the
Carnival celebrations.

The visitors were set to depart on Wednesday,  August 9. But since
the date of arrival has changed, the departure date is now Tuesday,
August 8, as the curtains come down on the summer festival. 
Up to Thursday, August 3, the Cabinet could not say, definitively,
how many persons had been booked to travel.

It noted, though, that the CEO of Air Peace would be on the flight, as
he is expected to hold discussions with the Government on the
establishment of LIAT 2020, thus laying LIAT (1974) Ltd. to rest.
However, there is no word on the advertised investment symposium
that the Administration had said would involve the wealthy

Tabor says this is a wait-and-see situation, as previous talks with a
Cabinet minister – Paul Chet Greene – who traveled to Africa for
discussions on the regional airline failed to materialize any fruitful

Tabor says the whole venture seems to be another fiasco waiting to
happen; therefore, he is imploring the Immigration Department and
airport authorities to be on their guard to avoid another Antigua
Airways debacle.