Wehner asks Fisheries and Environment officials to explain why dredged material is being dumped in Parham Harbour channel

Another George Wehner exclusive is showing the potential
destruction of the coastline in the Parham community, even as
environment activists express their concern about the situation. 
Residents are asking why the Antigua Port Authority is being
allowed to compromise the marine habitat and the seagrass beds in
the Shell Beach area.

This reportedly is happening because material dredged from the
channel off Parham Harbour, close to Maiden Island, is being
discharged in the area of Shell Beach.

Accordingly, Wehner filed a report from High Point, where a vessel
could be seen sweeping the channel.

Wehner, a REAL News correspondent, wants to know what officials
in the Fisheries Department and the Environment Division are doing
about this issue, and who authorized the dumping of dredged
material at that location – rather than at the designated area, which
is miles offshore.

What is of concern, Wehner adds, is that shifts in the tide may cause
the dredged material to resettle in the channel, thus causing the
work to be of no effect.