Social Transformation – not Government Ministers – should assess families’ needs and distribute vouchers, the UPP says

The United Progressive Party (UPP) says the involvement of Labour Party MPs in the distribution of food vouchers is totally unacceptable.

It notes that the assessment of families and the distribution of vouchers should be conducted by employees of the Ministry of Social Transformation, and not by government ministers.

Prime Minister Browne has directed his ministers to spearhead the programme; and this, says Harold Lovell, undermines public trust in the fairness of the distribution process.

Accordingly, the Political Leader is calling for the programme to be immediately reorganized and for all instances of political involvement to be removed.

Notwithstanding the UPP’s support for an increase in the value of these vouchers, the Party also maintains its calls for the reduction of Customs duties on certain essential food items.

“Lowering duties at the port will lower food prices everywhere, including at the small community businesses which are not part of the voucher programme,” Lovell reiterates.