Residents cynical about Government’s new ‘generosity,’ with one describing it as ‘treating’ ahead of the upcoming elections

Some residents say they are not being fooled by the Gaston Browne Administration’s move to increase the food-voucher distribution at this time.

A woman tells REAL News that during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when persons were pleading for relief, the Government did not see it fit to offer any assistance other than a $200 food voucher – no matter the size of the family.

Further, she claims, persons had to present their voter-identification cards to receive the benefit.

The fact that Ministers are now being asked to go into their constituencies to check on the needy shows it is a political ploy, she declares, and it will not work this time around.

Over the last four years, the Antigua Labour Party politicians have done things only to enrich themselves, she alleges; but the people have stopped being stupid and will no longer be used for political gain.

Meanwhile, two other residents say the United Progressive Party is telling the truth about the food vouchers not being accepted, and one accuses the Government of having neither money nor ideas and of failing to pay suppliers.

He says Government Ministers are “are feeding at the trough while thousands of Antiguans are living in misery.”

Another woman describes the Government’s latest promise as “treating” ahead of the impending general elections.

According to her, the Labour Party will do anything to remain in power while keeping the people in poverty.

She warns that if Antiguans and Barbudans “lose the key to their brains” and re-elect the Browne Administration they will continue to get the same treatment they have gotten for these past eight years.