Seven pounds of hashish wash up on beach in Barbuda; Police investigating that and latest seizure at Deep Water Harbour

Barbuda has not been excluded from the recent drug seizures made by the Police, who, last Friday, December 9, last week, began investigations into the discovery of over seven pounds of cannabis hashish on the sister island.

Reportedly, a total of 12 packages containing the tarry substance washed ashore on Weirs Beach, and were picked up and handed over to the Narcotics Department.

The substance weighs 7½ pounds and has an estimated street value of EC$30,000.

Hashish is derived from the cannabis plant after it goes through a compression process to extract the resin, mostly from the flower buds of the female plant.  It is mostly consumed by smoking.

Meanwhile, there were four successful drug-interdiction operations on Antigua last week, with the most recent being approximately $6,000 worth of cannabis found at the Deep Water Harbour.

A number of officers from the Narcotics Department and the Customs Task Force conducted the joint operation at about 1:45 p.m. on December 7 at the country’s main cargo port. 

During the operation, a small brown cardboard barrel was searched, and two vacuumed-sealed packages were found, each containing the illegal drug. The substance reportedly weighs one pound.

The barrel, along with its contents, was transported to Police Headquarters pending further investigations.