Isaac says ALP seems to be playing tag with Senate appointments and candidacy for SMS appears to be fluid

D.Gisele Isaac, chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), says
the Antigua Labour Party seems to playing a game of tag with
respect to its appointments to the Senate.

Dwayne George received his instrument of appointment as a
government senator on Thursday, August 3, during a ceremony at
Government House. 

But George is also expected to be the Labour Party candidate in the
upcoming by-election in St. Mary’s South. And if, by chance, he is
successful, he will have to be replaced in the Senate. 
Isaac says she does not know what game plan the ALP is deploying,
but it sounds like confusion to her.

However,  Information Minister Melford Nicholas claims the
installation of George – the newest ALP member – is to give him an
opportunity to prove himself to constituents. The Senate seat, he
says, will determine whether George is able to accomplish the
development of the constituency and the country. 

Meanwhile, Isaac says that George’s stint will be short, since he has
to tender his resignation from the Senate before Nomination Day.
She adds that the current situation now forces one to wonder
whether George will actually be the person contesting the by-

At the same time, Isaac says, the so-called promotion of former
senator Caleb Gardiner is also shrouded in confusion. 

Gardiner, who appears to have been removed from the Upper
House simply to accommodate George, is supposed to take up a
diplomatic position in Washington, D.C. But he has admitted that he
does not know when the assignment will take effect.

D.Gisele Isaac, chairman of the United Progressive Party.
According to Isaac, it seems that the Labour Party is being run like
the government – on pure confusion.