Manager encourages Medical Benefits contributors to sign up for direct deposit, reducing wait time for refunds to two weeks

The Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) is making its mechanism for claims and refunds more convenient through a system that transfers money directly into a beneficiary’s bank account.

Dr. Janelle Charles-Williams, the Scheme’s communications and marketing manager, reports that over 1,600 beneficiaries have already signed up to have their claim cheques paid in this way.

She explains that MBS contributors must complete an “EFT form,” permitting the MBS to deposit their claims cheque directly to their bank accounts.

Prior to this arrangement, beneficiaries regularly complained about the lengthy refund process, which, in some cases, could take a month or more.  However, Charles-Williams says that, under the direct-payment system, persons will be refunded their out-of-pocket expenses within two weeks.

According to the marketing manager, there are other benefits of this service.  Among these, the new system eliminates the need to travel to the MBS; to stand in line to receive claims cheques; to pay for replacements for lost cheques; and the situation where cheques are forgotten and become stale-dated.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Charles-Williams says, the MBS has continued to make services more convenient to its customers.  Hence, she is encouraging members to take advantage of this opportunity by signing up at the Customer Service Department on Nevis Street.

Meanwhile, persons need not fear that their banking information will be used for anything other than depositing their refund cheques, Charles-Williams assures.