Young woman charged with the murder of Jane Finch will stand trial in January 2023 Criminal Assizes

Brittany Jno-Baptiste, the young woman accused of killing Piccadilly resident Jane Finch, will stand trial in the High Court for the offence.

Jno-Baptiste’s murder case has been committed to the January 2023 sitting of the Criminal Assizes.

The Police had initially charged her with burglary; however, that charge has been withdrawn.

It took officers quite some time before bringing the charge for the capital offence against the 22-year-old, who had to undergo two psychiatric evaluations.  

The first report had indicated that she was unfit, at that time, to be tried for the offence. However, Jno-Baptiste was charged on Thursday, August 4, after a second assessment determined that she was fit to stand trial for killing Finch, 66, a Canadian-born writer, sailor and tour representative.

The homicide reportedly occurred on the night of Monday, October 4, 2021, when Finch’s lifeless body was found on her living room floor with what were reported to be stab wounds.

Jno-Baptiste was found inside the house by police officers, who had been called to the scene by Finch, herself, before she was killed.