Deliberate contamination of a Cades Bay well is under investigation by farmers, police and Ministry of Agriculture

Investigations have been launched into what is said to be a
deliberate act of water contamination at a well in the Cades Bay area
that is used by livestock farmers.

Allegedly, the water source has been contaminated with dirty oil.
A farmer who uses the well to water his animals says he used the
well one day last week; and, upon his return the following day, he
discovered that it had been contaminated with the oil.

Ministry of Agriculture officials and farmers, alike, are describing
this incident as very disturbing; and the officials, along with other
interested entities, including the Antigua Public Utilities Authority
(APUA), have already visited the site.

Fortunately, this is not a well that is used by APUA to provide water
to the general public. It is an abandoned well that is used only by
livestock and produce farmers in the Cades Bay area.

Reportedly, there was evidence to prove that the act was deliberate,
and concerns are being expressed about cross contamination of
neighbouring wells and the impact on the environment. 

A report of the incident was made to the Johnson’s Point Police
Station. The Department of the Environment will also be contacted
so that an evaluation of the situation can be conducted.