UPP fears that $10 million gap in yield from ABST hike could mean more taxes or fewer goods in the zero-rated basket

The United Progressive Party (UPP) says it is keeping a watchful eye
on the hike in the Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax (ABST), since the
Government’s calculation of the financial yield appears not to add
Public relations officer Damani Tabor says the 13 percent increase –
moving the sales tax from 15 to 17 percent – is off in calculation.
The Government hopes to collect the sum of $50 million from the
hike; but according to the on the UPP’s calculations, Tabor says, the
yield should be about $40 million annually.

Accordingly, he says, the Party will be keeping a close watch on this
space, since a yield of $50 million would mean further increases in
prices – or a reduction in the number of items in the basket of zero-
rated goods.
If the people of Antigua and Barbuda allow this tax increase to
become law, Tabor says, more taxes are likely to be implemented
after that, further burdening the backs of the poor.
According to the PRO, the Gaston Browne Administration has no
commitment to reducing waste and giveaways or to improving
efficiency as its first option.