Wehner links failure to renew chief immigration officer’s contract to political control of St. Phillip’s North MP

George Wehner, mobilization officer for the United Progressive
Party (UPP), believes that the failure to renew the chief immigration
officer’s contract is to keep her father, Sir Robin Yearwood, in check.
From all reports, Katrina Yearwood ‘s contract has not been
renewed, although she remains on the job as head of the
Immigration Department. 

No official reason has been given by the Browne Administration and
it is not clear for how long she has been working without a signed

However, it is Wehner’s considered opinion that the younger
Yearwood is being “held to ransom” to keep her father in line,
especially in Parliament.

Reportedly, following the General Election, Sir Robin was not
pleased to be stripped of his ministerial portfolios and made the
deputy speaker in the Lower House.

The Gaston Browne Administration has a one-seat majority in
Parliament, and it would take only one disgruntled Government MP
to withdraw his allegiance to change the balance of power.

Many have speculated that Sir Robin could hold his Party to ransom
by threatening to jump ship, and this situation with his daughter
could be a means to control him.

As a result, Wehner is speculating that Yearwood will be kept in
limbo until after the by-election in St. Mary’s South. 

In the meantime, Wehner says that Yearwood should not be working
without a signed contract in such an important position.

As a result, the UPP mobilization officer notes that the election in St.
Mary’s South has farther-reaching implications than people would,
at first, imagine.