One of two youth allegedly involved in robbery and shooting on school compound last Sunday is now in police custody

One of two youth who allegedly were involved in a robbery and
shooting incident at the St. Joseph’s Academy has reportedly been
taken into police custody.

Reports are that the alleged robber, who is believed to be under the
age of 20, is currently undergoing questioning by the Police. 
However, his accomplice is still on the run, and lawmen have
intensified their search for the second offender.

Reports are that Shane Anthony of Yorks Village, the maintenance
supervisor at the school, was accosted by two gunmen while he was
on duty on Sunday, June 4, at about 6:13 p.m.
Further reports say the two masked gunmen went onto school’s
Stapleton Lane compound and saw Anthony sitting west of the main
building while repairing a pipe.

Reportedly, he looked up and saw the two intruders, armed with
flare guns, and asked what they were doing on the compound.
It is alleged they responded that they had come to shoot him and
then asked, in return, “Wey the money dey?”

Reports are that Anthony got up and the bandits took his Alcatel cell
phone. He then led them between the main building and the
principal’s office, where he removed his wallet and gave them $120. 

It is reported that, as the assailants got closer to him, Anthony
attempted to knock away their hands, in which they held the flare
guns. In the process, a single shot was fired, hitting him in the face.
Anthony sustained abrasions on the left earlobe and below the ear,
as well. 

Reportedly, the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) arrived on the
scene, treated him  and transported him to Sir Lester Bird Medical
Centre. However, in spite of his injuries, Anthony reportedly has resumed
work. The incident was captured on CCTV footage.
The police had initially conducted a search for the duo without