CBH is broken into, but nothing taken; however, two Old Parham Road eateries take a heavy hit from thieves

Several reports of building break-in and larceny are being
investigated, one of which took place at the Central Board of Health
(CBH). However, reports do not appear to suggest that anything
was stolen from the government agency. 

Based on reports, the acting supervisor at the CBH building notified
the Police of the break-in, which occurred at Joseph Lane on June 5,
at about 5:20 a.m.

While the security guard was making periodic checks on the
property, he discovered that a northern office window had been
forced open and broken.

Meanwhile, an All Saints businesswoman has reported to the
Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that her cook shop,
located on the Old Parham Road, had been burglarized.
It is alleged that the intruders gained entry through an eastern push-
up window – using force to break the glass, unlocking the window,
and prying open the inner burglar bars.

They stole a case of large Dutch Lady milk, a case of vienna sausages,
a case of tuna fish, and a quantity of non-alcoholic beverages. The
perpetrators also took a quantity of rice, flour, and beans.
In another incident, the owner and manager of Delightful
Restaurant, also located on Old Parham Road, reported to the CID
that a quantity of items had been stolen from his container.

Apparently, such thefts had occurred several times over a two-week
period, with the last incident occurring on June 4.

Reports say the businessman has been arriving at work over the
past few weeks to discover that the locks had been removed from
the container and a quantity of food items had gone missing.

However, on June 4 at about 3 p.m., when he went to check his
containers, he discovered that six padlocks had been removed and
all the doors had been left open. A very large quantity of cooking oil,
rice, seasonings and other food items had been stolen.
The three 40-foot containers from which the food was taken are
situated north of the restaurant.