UPP promises transparency and accountability in spending taxpayers’ money, with no secret deals like the $540M bond

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is promising taxpayers that, once re-elected to office, it will take every step to ensure their money is spent prudently and they will know exactly where it is being spent.

Political Leader Harold Lovell notes it was the UPP that introduced national consultations on the economy, which were held regularly, up until 2013 before the general elections.

He recalls that consultations were had with members of the business community, the trade unions, and other interest groups to seek their input on the budget to be presented the following year.

Events like these demonstrate to taxpayers how their monies are being spent, Lovell says.

The Political Leader says the UPP is committed to continuing such programmes to ensure transparency and accountability.

Meanwhile, Lovell says the people are not yet aware of the gravity of the Browne Administration’s mismanagement of their finances.

He was referring to the EC$540 million bond that the Government took out on July 31, 2021 – without making it known to the people or taking it to the Parliament.