Fourteen-year-old student undergoes emergency surgery after cutlass attack outside school; another boy chopped on the foot

A Princess Margaret School student is nursing serious injuries following a violent confrontation outside the school compound this afternoon.

Some reports say the 14-year-old boy lost three fingers during the cutlass attack; but a friend of his family says the digits were not severed, but were “cut down to the bone.”

The second-former is expected to undergo surgery on the hand, and is said to have sustained damage to an ear, as well.

Another student is said to have been chopped on the foot.

REAL News learned that two male students left the compound early and were seen in the company of two other young men, one wearing a hooded shirt and the other a ski mask. The PMS students allegedly pointed out the victim to the young men, who launched an attack on the boy.

In attempting to defend himself, the victim is alleged to have raised his arm, at which time three of his fingers were slashed with the weapon.

Reports say that one of the attackers is a former student of the school and allegedly was incarcerated recently. The other assailant is alleged to be a student at the Antigua Grammar School.

Sources claim the victim does not know his attackers, nor why he was set upon by the pair.

The Police were called to the scene to conduct investigations.

Meanwhile, members of the public have responded to the news with absolute horror, shock and fear. They note that this is not a good start to the school year and are asking about the increased security presence promised by the Cabinet only last week.