Disruption in LIAT’s schedule appears to foreshadow carrier’s demise, as residents say PM Browne lacks capacity to revive it

The far-reaching disruption in LIAT’s schedule is being seen by some
observers as the proverbial “nail in the coffin,” which could end the
airline’s planned transition to LIAT 2020. And, according to some
residents, it might also spell the last term of Prime Minister Gaston
Browne, given the close results of the last General Elections.

On Tuesday, November 7, the airline announced that unscheduled
maintenance challenges “have caused LIAT to suspend its current
schedule… .”

However, it went on to say that, due to logistical and supply-chain
issues, it does not have a concrete deadline for the return to its
regular schedule; thus, several flights in the coming weeks have
been cancelled.
According to the airline, it is currently exploring all available options
to assist passengers and its Reservations Call Centre is contacting
them to assist with their travel needs.
According to some persons, with an increase in regional travel;
increased tourism arrivals into Antigua and Barbuda and the

Caribbean; and cruise-ship home-porting, LIAT simply does not have
the capacity required at this time.

It was noted that the Caribbean needs a proper, well-managed, well
scheduled airline service, and it does not appear that the Gaston
Browne Administration can handle the full resuscitation of LIAT on
its own.

Questions are also being raised about the proposed deal with the
Nigerian airline Air Peace, which is expected to become the major
shareholder and take over the affairs of the regional carrier.

Other persons are asking why PM Browne and his administration do
not stop wasting taxpayers’ money since LIAT is all but dead.
One man commented that, just like it wasted money trying to beat
United Progressive Party candidate Kelvin “Shugy” Simon during the
recent by-election in St. Mary’s South – and failed – the
Administration seems destined for the same outcome with LIAT.