Browne Administration should pay at the polls for wasting money on prosecuting UPP Three, Quinn-Williams says

The Gaston Browne Administration should be made to pay at the polls for using taxpayers’ money in attempts to bankrupt members of the United Progressive Party.

So says Pearl Quinn-Williams, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Spokesperson on Trade, Consumer Affairs and Urban Development.

Quinn-Williams’ sister – Dr. Jacqui Quinn – is one of three former Government ministers who were persecuted and prosecuted for alleged corruption while in office. Quinn and colleagues Harold Lovell and Willmoth Daniel were all exonerated in the High Court on Tuesday.  

Consequently, Quinn-Williams says that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for spiteful prosecution by the authorities.

She notes that the money expended on the trials could have been better spent to honour outstanding financial obligations, such as pension payments.

The UPP Rural North Candidate says the people should feel hurt that, while they are suffering, money is being wasted, and the Browne Administration has not even offered them a stimulus package in these tough economic times.

Meanwhile, Quinn-Williams says there is talk about the Government appealing the verdicts, but the outcome will be the same and the trio will be exonerated again.