Argument in Urlings bar leads to patron being injured in the face after man throws a glass bottle at him

A 62-year-old Cades Bay man was injured in the face with a glass
bottle, allegedly by a drunkard, while he was at a bar in Urlings

The incident reportedly occurred on June 5 at about 8 a.m. and was
reported to the Johnsons Point Police Station.

Reports say that officers at the station saw the victim and observed
what appeared to be blood coming from a wound at the base of his
left lower jaw.

It is alleged that the victim was at the Urlings bar, fraternizing with
friends, when he got into an argument with the alleged offender,
who apparently was drunk.

It is further alleged that the attacker did not like the responses he
was getting from the victim and, as a result, threw the bottle at him,
which caused the injury to his face.

The victim was issued with a Police Medical Form to consult a
doctor; but an initial search in the district for the suspect proved