Stagnant gutter near Greenbay Primary School creates health hazard, says Lewis, and prompts youth to call for elections

Persons who live near the Greenbay Primary School are expressing disgust with the unsanitary gutter in the area, with one young woman begging Prime Minister Gaston Browne to “just call the election, please.”

Today, March 31, the young resident shared with REAL News photos and footage of the stagnant green water running for several yards along the eroded gutter, with plywood “bridges” positioned to facilitate entrance to residents’ homes.

Senator Richard Lewis, the United Progressive Party’s Candidate for St. John’s Rural West, says he, too, is tired of calling attention to the situation.

“Two years ago, the Ministry of Works dug up the drain in the Bakers Street area.  Two years later, nothing has been done to fix the problem,” he says.

“For two years, the residents have endured the deplorable conditions.  For two years, they have endured the constant infestation of mosquitoes.  For two years, they have suffered.   

“I have spoken with the residents and they are bawling murder,” Lewis declares.

As the UPP Candidate for the constituency, Richards says he has been advocating for the problem to be fixed, since the health and safety of the residents are at stake and they deserve better. 

“I have spoken with the authorities.  I spoke about it in the Senate during the Budget Debate.  The ALP Administration does not seem to care for the people.  This is pure advantage,” the Senator says.

However, he is prepared to ask, yet again, and says he is “making an urgent appeal to the Ministry of Works to address this vexing issue.”

Meanwhile, the young woman is not optimistic that the situation will be corrected anytime soon. 

She dismisses the Prime Minister, in particular, as just “talking, talking.  He just need to say when is election, and let actions speak.”