Mussington fears that PC ruling will tighten Govt’s chokehold on Barbuda, as it has been Antigua’s lifeline for five years

Barbudan activist John Mussington says the Gaston Browne Administration continues to apply a chokehold on the people of the sister island in order to have its way.

Mussington also accuses the Central Government of usurping some powers of the Barbuda Council that are enshrined in law. And he fears the June 13 Privy Council ruling in favour of the Government will further embolden this administration.

Mussington notes, however, that Barbudans are resilient people, and the Government’s attempts to starve them into submission will not work, he says.

At this time, Central Government is behind, by several weeks, in its monthly subventions, which is hampering the Council’s ability to pay its workers.

Meanwhile, some nationals are still making the call for secession in light of the recent Court ruling, while others are doubting that Barbuda can survive on its own.

But, for the past five years, Mussington states, it has been Barbuda that has been supporting Antigua. This, he says, is why the Browne Administration is so keen on getting its hands on Barbuda’s lands.