Lovell stresses the importance of changing the Administration at next elections and promises collaboration with the people

The country will be plunged into a downward spiral should the Gaston Browne Administration be returned to office come the next general elections, predicts Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) Harold Lovell.

However, Lovell says he is confident that the people will make the right choice next Election Day, since there has been an obvious shift away from the Labour Party Government.

At present, the country is facing a number of economic challenges, which many believe are made worse by the Government’s absence of plans to assist the poor and vulnerable.

Accordingly, Lovell is asking the Nation to make the change if it wishes to see Antigua and Barbuda move forward.

Meanwhile, Lovell says his Party’s approach to governance and his style of leadership will be all-inclusive and will take into account the recommendations proffered by the people.