Mussington protests injustice to disabled Barbudan who, after Irma, continues to live in a tent

Councilman John Mussington is speaking out against an injustice
that reportedly has been done to a disabled Barbudan man, who
apparently was not given one of the houses constructed through an
EU project for the needy.
Mussington says that Danny Jeffrey – who suffered an accident as a
teenager and is paralyzed on one side – continues to live in a tent, as
his house has been without a roof since Hurricane Irma destroyed
Barbuda in 2017.

Meanwhile, he says many other able-bodied residents had their
houses repaired or rebuilt by international agencies – except for this
young man who is most needy.

According to Mussington, at least one person who is not a native
Barbudan received a home under the EU project, and he considers
this unfair.
Six years ago, Mussington says, the Barbuda Council helped Jeffrey
to set up a tent and has been offering him assistance as the need
He says that anyone who wishes to assist the young man can reach
out to him or to the Council.