Conditions at 1735 prompt deFreitas to call for investigation of prison operations

Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s City South, is speaking out against  conditions at Her Majesty’s Prison, calling it a humanitarian crisis.

The penal institution – better known as “1735″ – has been plagued by poor sanitation these many years, and inmates and prison officers alike have been subjected to less than humane conditions.

Now, there are allegations that there is no drinking water for the use of staff or prisoners.

Further reports say that a new wing constructed at the facility has no running water; so toilets cannot be flushed and inmates have resorted to using buckets to flush them manually.

DeFreitas bemoans the fact that a British prisoner is being housed at the old US Naval Base in Coolidge – because of the prison’s unsanitary conditions – while locals have to contend with the unhealthy conditions at 1735.

The City South Candidate is calling for an investigation into the prison and into monies spent to construct the new wing.