Senior cop says a safe house is needed to protect abused women while investigations are undertaken

Acting Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Frankie Thomas wants to see the establishment of a safe house for victims of domestic abuse.

While there are instances in which women are removed from the homes of abusive partners, Thomas says there needs to be a safe haven in which to house them while investigations into their complaints are going on.

In this regard, he says that law-enforcement officers face a number of challenges, since the homes where these victims are placed do not offer the kind of assistance the women  require at that time.

Thomas says that, in most cases, the victims have to return to the abusive situation because there is no alternative for them.

He says the Police Force has been doing everything in its power, and will continue to do what is necessary, to ensure that female residents are protected from abusive relationships.

When a report of abuse is made, there is a form that is filled out to capture all the statistical information, Thomas says.  This acts as a guide for the next steps the authorities should take, and indicates whether there is a trend that  requires more public awareness of the issue.