UPP Administration will pay Govt’s debts to local businesses first to stimulate the economy

The United Progressive Party (UPP) has announced another of its innovative economic policies, as it readies itself to take over the governance of this country.

The Party has been doing its ground work to attract local and foreign direct investment, and, last year, the leadership travelled to the Dominican Republic and Panama to scout investments oportunities.

Political Leader Harold Lovell says no government can develop an economy without investment; therefore the Party will introduce a relief programme that targets local business owners first.

He says many people are owed by the Government and are struggling, putting the economy under pressure as a result.

Accordingly, Lovell says those who are owed will be paid, and these funds will act as a stimulus to get the economy going again.

In this current economic climate, Lovell says, it is difficult even for residents to receive assistance from the business community, since owners are also suffering.

He promises that the UPP will have money flowing back into the economy by paying up Government’s debts, thereby enabling some level of new employment to take place.

The Political Leader says a UPP Administration will have to restructure its expenditure profile and cut the waste that exists now under Gaston Browne’s stewardship.