Goodwin warns that another ALP term will destroy this country’s economic fortunes

A former ambassador is warning that the re-election of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) will definitely lead to the destruction of Antigua and Barbuda.

Another five years of the Gaston Browne Administration will destroy this country’s economic, social and political fortunes, says Bruce Goodwin, former Ambassador to Cuba.

Accordingly, he says, the electorate should think long and hard about the hardships they have faced under this administration before making a mistake and putting it back in office.

He cautions residents against being fooled by the many inducements offered by the Labour Party.  And those persons who take bribes to vote, thereby elevating their self interest over love of country, should be shunned, Goodwin says.

As a Nation, the former ambassador says, citizens and residents should seek to put this country farther ahead than where it is now under the Browne Administration.

On Monday, January 2, thousands of people joined the United Progressive Party (UPP) in what is being dubbed a “massive motorcade” around Antigua to show their disgust with the ruling regime.

The “Relief and Recovery Motorcade” wended its way from the Rising Sun Grounds through villages and communities around the island, attracting strong support from many who cheered from the sides of the road.

The people are clamouring for change, observers say; but many believe that – as with the last election – the Labour Party will pull out all the stops in an effort to deter voters from showing up to the polls on January 18.