Multi-Purpose Centre poses health risk now, but could be repaired and become a money-maker, resident advises Gov’t

A concerned citizen is complaining bitterly about the condition of the Multi-Purpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre.

Morvette Joseph-George reports that she went to the facility to take a COVID-19 vaccine and stumbled upon an area of the public facility that is mold infested.

She says the once-pristine and popular venue is in a run-down condition and there is a risk of persons’ health being impacted due to the mold.

The Government continues to allow its buildings to fall into a state of disrepair and then it spends money to rent other facilities, Joseph-George says.

She believes the Centre could be used as a means of raising public funds through the hosting of functions, as was done in the past.  However, Joseph-George says the facility is in urgent need of repair and cleaning.