Works Ministry reports that road-rehab project is at advanced stage, with cooperation of APUA Water and Electricity Depts

With more and more complaints being voiced about the condition of the roads, the Government will be intensifying its Second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project.

According to the Ministry of Works, the project is at an advanced stage, with excavation, road paving, and drainage works ongoing along sections of the Sir Sydney Walling Highway.

Through the Project Implementation Management Unit, the Ministry is working to rehabilitate a total of 28 kilometers of road network with resurfacing work on four main roads.

To date, officials say, 90 percent of the design-build process has been completed, with 70 percent of the earthworks, five percent of the drainage, and 45 percent of paving on that highway being done.

They note that a “critical project stakeholder is the Antigua Public Utilities Authority, [which] is responsible for the installation of High Density Polyethylene (polly-ethel-leen) water mains.”

A release says that Nigel Francis has been performing duties as Project Engineer for the Second Road Project; and, according to him, “APUA’s Electricity Business Unit has commenced the relocation of utility poles and has maintained steady progress.”

Francis adds that three additional roads – Valley Road (North), Old Parham Road and Anchorage Road – will see improved drainage and widening, as well as resurfacing work, under the Second Project.

He says that attention will be paid to quality assurance and quality control, and the Ministry of Works is seeking to complete the project in a timely manner.

The rehab project is being undertaken not only to repair badly damaged roadways, but to mitigate the negative impacts associated with being in a vulnerable climate zone.