Traffic head credits officers’ vigilance and improved roads for reduction in accidents for first four months of 2023

There has been a reduction in the number of traffic collisions for the first quarter of this year, 2023, when compared to the same period last year.
This was revealed by Police Superintendent Elson Quammie, the head of the Traffic Department, on the Good Morning Sass Show.
Quammie says that between January and April 2022, there were 808 traffic collisions: 204 in January, 193 in February, 200 in March, and 211 in April.
However, so far for 2023, there have been 752 traffic collisions, a decrease of 56 incidents, for the same four-month period.
Quammie attributes the reduction in the number of accidents to the measures taken by the Traffic Department
He says the Department’s objective is to reduce traffic accidents on an annual basis, and it also strives to achieve its goal of zero road fatalities among these fewer accidents.
Since it never wants to see the collisions surpass the number of the previous year, Quammie says the Department is constantly trying to devise ways to reduce accidents. One way of ensuring this is by increasing patrols in certain areas, he says.  
According to Quammie, the completion of Sir George Walter and Sir Sydney Walling Highways and the Friars Hill Road has assisted in reducing accidents within the city limits.
Motorcycle officers have also been out and about on the major highways, especially during the morning hours, he says.
Quammie notes that officers must pay close attention on the Friars Hill Road, the All Saints Road, the Valley Road, and the Sir Sydney Walling and Sir George Walter Highways – the main thoroughfares where buses and taxis commute – in order to keep drivers in line and to protect pedestrians.