Magistrate imposes conditions on businessman accused of rape, including $5,000 cash deposit on a $20,000 bail

The businessman who reportedly was granted unlawful station bail last week appeared in the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court on a rape charge on Tuesday, May 9.
The alleged station bail on the indictable offence was not confirmed. Instead, the magistrate imposed a $20,000 bail condition with a cash deposit of $5,000.
The court also required that he present two sureties to sign on his behalf and report to the Johnsons Point Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
There was no requirement for him to surrender his travel documents, since these are still with the court, as he has a similar case pending.
The man was charged since last week; however, up to Monday, May 8, the charges had not been filed in court, as is required, and the prosecution did not have the case file.
On Monday of this week, REAL News reported on the incident, as well as residents’ complaints about preferential treatment by the police. The charges were filed the following day, May 9, allowing the accused to properly appear before the magistrate.
It is alleged that the young man committed the offence at his place of business.