As police patrols are stepped up, two men are found with cleaver and knives in separate stop-and-search exercises

In keeping with the Police’s promise to step up patrols and stop-and-search exercises to reduce criminal activity, officers went on mobile patrol duty in the city and its outskirts on Sunday, May 7.
A number of areas – including The Point, Villa, Fort James, St. Johnston Village, Sutherlands, Scotts Hill, Dove Cove, Clare Hall, Wireless Road, Cassada Gardens, and Ottos – saw the police conducting patrols.
Residential areas and government buildings were also patrolled, and several suspicious vehicles and persons were stopped and searched; but nothing of interest was found. Reportedly, the exercise commenced at about 11:30 p.m. and ended at approximately 2:30 a.m.
Two similar exercises were undertaken the day before, and in the same areas, but in the first instance no suspicious persons, vehicles or activities were seen.
However, during the second patrol duty, several people were stopped and searched, and a quantity of sharp implements was found and seized.
Reports say that, while in Villa, officers saw 19-year-old Diquan Harry of Villa and Virginia Simon, 21, of Bolans acting in a suspicious manner.

They were stopped and searched and a brown-handled meat cleaver was found in a white backpack belonging to Harry. He was then arrested on suspicion of carrying abroad an offensive weapon and Simon was arrested on suspicion of indecent language.
They were both taken to the St. John’s Police Station, along with the weapon, and were subsequently charged. Reportedly, Harry was taken before a magistrate and was convicted for the offence.
Meanwhile, at about midnight, officers were on Independence Drive, in the vicinity of the Antigua Recreation Ground, when they saw Kushmore David of Cashew Hill acting in a suspicious manner.
A search was conducted on his person, and two knives were found, resulting in him being arrested on suspicion of break-in and larceny, and taken to St. John’s Police Station, along with the weapons.