Barbuda Council hopes to reestablish smaller-scale ABICE Unit and to have School Meals in operation by September

The Barbuda Council is hoping to re-establish a unit of the Antigua
and Barbuda Institute of Continuing Education (ABICE) on the
sister-island, although on a small scale. 

Officials on the Education Committee say this will facilitate the
training of young people on the island and allow older residents to
teach them various trades that can improve their life skills. 
It was noted that some of the courses on offer would include
information technology, math, English, carpentry, masonry,
plumbing and electrical installation.

According to the officials, once the centre is up and running, the
course offerings will be expanded as time progresses.
Meanwhile, Barbudans have been calling for the establishment of a
School Meals kitchen on that island, similar to what is offered in

Officials have been working closely with Ezra Knowles, who is in
charge of the programme, and have been assured that the Holy
Trinity Primary School and a pre-school will benefit from the

It is anticipated that the initiative will get off the ground in time for
the new school year in September.