After breaking into Grays Farm home and removing items, thief takes off and leaves some of his loot behind

A would-be thief was interrupted as he went through the home of a
Parliament Street, Grays Farm, man, looking for items he could steal.
The homeowner reported the incident – which took place on June
12, at about 11:30 a.m. – to the Grays Farm Police Station, and
identified the alleged house-breaker, a Grays Farm resident, by

Reports say the victim had secured his home and left for work.
Upon his return, he discovered his house had been broken into and a
quantity of items had gone missing.

The thief allegedly had used a hard implement to break open a
wooden kitchen door and gain entry to the house, from which he
removed the items.

However, when officers visited the scene and carried out a search of
the premises, they came across an area where the perpetrator had
packed several items into two shopping bags.

It appeared that the thief had been disturbed in the act and had
subsequently fled the scene, leaving the loot behind. 
The Police conducted an initial search for the suspect and other
stolen items, but it was not successful.