UPP hosts ‘Spot Rallies’ this afternoon in support of Rural South Candidate Gladys Potter

In a few minutes, the United Progressive Party (UPP) will be hosting what it calls “Spot Rallies” in St. John’s Rural South.

The Party’s Mobilization Officer, George Wehner, says that members and Candidates, including Political Leader Harold Lovell, will be speaking at the rallies, which will be held at three locations in the constituency.

Wehner says this is another initiative through which the Party is engaging the electorate ahead of the general elections due in March 2023.

He says today’s event is intended to lend support to the Party’s candidate for Rural South, Gladys Potter.

Wehner explains that, during each stop, Potter, Lovell and a few persons from each area will speak.

Potter says she has been meeting with constituents, and the engagements have highlighted some of their grievances – including the filthy gutters that are breeding mosquitoes; bushy and overgrown areas; crime; and unemployment.