Colleagues mourn the passing of Fire Department Officer Harry and Customs Officer Looby

Two law-enforcement agencies are mourning the passing of serving members who have been described as friendly and pleasant.

The Police Force has experienced the sudden death of a member of the Fire Department, Senior Sergeant Kenvil Harry.

Harry, according to reports, suddenly took ill Friday afternoon (June 19) and was rushed to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre by the Emergency Medical Services.

He was treated by medical doctors, but was pronounced dead at around 5:46 p.m.

Harry’s body, as with other firefighters who died while serving, was escorted to the funeral home by colleagues in fire tenders.

He was given a salute by fellow officers, who lined the street outside the St. John’s Fire Station, as the hearse, with his body, drove past.

Harry, 57, is described as an exemplary officer who served the country with distinction and honour.

Meanwhile, the Antigua and Barbuda Customs and Excise Division is mourning the passing of Officer Conrad Looby.

While little information was shared about his death, the Customs Department says Looby was a valued and dedicated member of the department.

Looby is described as a man who loved God and always sought to do his best, while a woman remembers him as “such a sweet soul” and a good man.