Pensioners Association seeks an increase in payments; Social Transformation to meet with officers and report to Cabinet

Another set of residents is seeking an increase in pay from the
Government of Antigua and Barbuda. 

While public-service workers have been demanding increases in
their wages and salaries – so far, in vain – persons who have already
retired are now joining the call for an increase. 

According to reports, the Antigua and Barbuda Pensioners
Association is requesting a hike in members’ basic payments, and
the matter was discussed by the Cabinet on Wednesday, June 14.
While a decision has not been taken on the request, the Executive
reportedly has agreed that the Ministry of Social Transformation
will meet with officers of the Association next week.

That ministry’s officials will then report to Cabinet on the extent of
the pensioners’ demands and on the Government’s ability to meet
their expectations.  

While many of these retirees are hoping the Browne Administration
will show them some consideration – since they helped to build this
Nation – others are doubtful that the Government will accede to
their request.

If active workers are unable to get an increase, one senior says, it is
hardly likely that the Administration will give one to those who are
no longer on the job.

Another woman agrees, reminding colleagues that the Social
Security Scheme is challenged to meet the current “meager”
payments, and this has forced them, in the past, onto the picket line.
The last pension increase was granted under the United Progressive
Party (UPP) Administration almost two decades ago, sources say.