Lovell asserts the UPP Administration took no money out of Social Security, but paid in more in four years than ALP in 28

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is categorically denying that the Spencer Administration took monies from the Social Security Scheme, as is being alleged by the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) and its followers.

For the past several years, the Scheme has been experiencing serious financial woes; and the UPP has blamed this on 28 years of mismanagement by consecutive ALP administrations, which withdrew money, but never paid contributions into, the institution.

Harold Lovell, the Party’s Political Leader, asserts that the UPP Administration paid more money into the Scheme during a four-year period than the ALP did in its almost three decades of running the country’s affairs.

Lovell, a former Minister of Finance, says he has been hearing claims that the Spencer Administration also took funds from the Scheme – and he is vehemently denying this.

Meanwhile, given all the money the Browne Administration has collected, Lovell likens the suffering of Social Security beneficiaries to a criminal act.