Grenada players detail grievances with local Volleyball Association, which hints at ‘other side’ of story but gives no details

Players on the regional volleyball teams that have been affected by the accommodation faux pas are expressing anger at the organisers, while members of the local association are saying there is another side to the story.

Members report that they were inconvenienced, as the properties where they were house had a number of issues, particularly with the bathrooms, where there was no running water, a leaking lavatory, and tiles falling off the wall.

Some of the rooms were not equipped with fans, in spite of there being few windows, and the central AC unit was not working, they pointed out.

One of the players of the Grenada team spoke with REAL News about the situation.

In the meantime, money appears to have been a factor in the Grenada team’s less-than-adequate accommodations.

The team admitted that more than the agreed-upon 13 persons travelled to Antigua and Barbuda; but it said those who were paid for were still short-changed.

Despite attempts to get the “other side of the story” from the Antigua & Barbuda Volleyball Association, no details were shared with our Newsroom, or with a host of the Progressive Sports programme when he inquired.

However, from some quarters, there were accusations that reporting on the visiting teams’ plight was an act of disloyalty since it put the country in a bad light.

“We report stories; we do not create them,” the Newsroom says in response to these accusations.