Hatton snackette is hit by masked and armed robbers in a robbery that appears similar to Sunday’s hold-up in Ottos

A Hatton snackette was the most recent target of robbers, as crimes
of acquisition appear to continue unabated.

Reports say that two armed masked men went into Doreen’s
Snackette on Tuesday, September 19, and robbed the caretaker of a
sum of money that was taken from the cash register.

Further reports say the incident was reported to the Grays Farm
Police Station by another Hatton resident, who told the lawmen the
business had been robbed at about 2:20 p.m.
Several officers are said to have visited the scene, where they were
informed that the owner of the snackette is currently off island.
However, the caretaker says that, while she was in the business
place, she observed the lower half of a wooden door being opened.
Reportedly, she later saw two men – whom she describes as being
tall and slim, dark in complexion, and dressed in black masks and
gray hooded shirts – enter the snackette. They were armed with
knives, she alleges, and demanded money. 
According to the victim, the men then grabbed the cash register,
which contained over $200 in cash, and exited through the same
door. They reportedly jumped into a silver Toyota Vitz that had
been waiting outside and drove off in a northerly direction.
The wooden door was left open while the shell of the cash register
lay on the floor. 

The Police reportedly carried out a search for the vehicle and its
occupants in the Golden Grove Extension, Five Islands, and Hatton
areas, but without success. 
Officers are conducting investigations into the robbery, which comes
after two masked gunmen robbed the Oriental Choice Supermarket
of an undisclosed sum on Sunday, September 17.
Reports are that the bandits, who had their faces concealed, stormed
into the All Saints Road supermarket at about 3:15 p.m. and robbed
both cash registers before making their escape in a waiting vehicle.
A Toyota Vitz was also used in this caper; but, reportedly, it was grey
in colour. However, its registration number appears to be close to
the one that was involved in the Hatton robbery.
The incident on Sunday reportedly was captured on CCTV footage.