Senator Browne chides Administration for not engaging stakeholders in consultation ahead of latest decision on ABST

Senator Alex Browne says the wicked decision by the Gaston
Browne Administration not to offer the customary ABST-reduction
should be retracted.
The Government has taken this unconscionable decision at a time
when inflation is very high and the people are calling out for help –
which was not offered during the COVID-19 pandemic – Browne
The United Progressive Party (UPP) senator notes that, at Christmas
time, many households look forward to the tax reduction to
purchase big-ticket items, including household appliances and

Senator Browne says the Government should have engaged in
consultations with stakeholders, including members of the
Opposition, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Employers
Federation; and he refers to the unilateral decision as a slap in the
face to the people.
According to the senator, this will be a stressful Christmas for many,
with no ABST-reduction weekend and the period for the Ten Dollar
Barrel Initiative reduced to one month.