Ray John fraud matter scheduled to be heard in November; but residents are still skeptical that case will proceed to trial

The case in which Ray John, a senior police officer, is accused of
passport fraud will go to trial on November 14 this year, REAL News
has learned.

Immediate response to this news was shocked surprise, since scores
of residents had already concluded that the matter would never be
tried – especially since the case against his co-accused – his mother,
Yvonne Nickie – had been thrown out of court last week.

It is alleged that John had asked the trial judge to have his case
discontinued, as well. This was on account of the number of
adjournments he had undergone over a five-year period, reportedly
because the prosecution was not ready to proceed.

However, the judge granted an adjournment to this week – affording
the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions a final opportunity
to present its case.

Despite the setting of a trial date, some persons say they are still
skeptical that the case will be heard.

“Everybody done know who Ray John work for,” one young woman
tells our Newsroom. “This ah Antigua, and in Antigua politician nah
go jail. So anything can happen between now and November,” she